Consulting Services

We offer TAILOR-MADE services for every company that wants to achieve commercial and business success on the market.
Innovative solutions for the creation of online and offline management, communication, promotion and sales tools.

Software development

Creation and modification of dedicated software and company management systems.

Tools online/offline

We develop corporate websites, e-commerce and much more.

Analysis and Marketing

Development of performance analysis processes and marketing activities.

Outsourced Training

We provide qualified personnel to software houses and/or start-ups.

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Software development

If a software solution tailored to your needs is what you are looking for, we will analyse your requirements to offer you the solution that best suits them.

Having a work tool tailored to your needs means putting you in a class above your competitors.
32BIT is able to offer the possibility to create special applications,<7strong> both for the web and for server-client systems.

Thanks to the use of different programming languages, we are always able to create what the customer requires for their needs.
Whether it's a dedicated app or an app that will need to be used by multiple users at the same time, we'll turn your requirement into a strength.

We are at your disposal to analyse every request and to develop the product you are seeking for your business.
Project Development
  • App
  • WebApp
  • SaaS: Software as a service
  • Web Sites
  • Software Client/Server
Development Languages and Frameworks
  • C# - VB.Net
  • Php
  • Python
  • JQuery - Vue.js
  • Laravel
Database Design
  • Oracle
  • SqlServer
  • MySql Server
  • PL/SQL
  • DB4 AS/400

Online and Offline tools

Company Presentation websites
  • Based on your needs, we will plan the creation of a website based on the CMS (WordPress) platform or a website created expressly on your requests to make it unique in the world.
Professional e-commerce
  • If the website is your virtual showcase, e-commerce is your real point of sale on the web, where your customers can shop 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • By using the best solutions on the market we can create an e-commerce suitable for every need for selling products or services.
  • We will analyse the best solution for your requirements together with you.
Cloud applications
  • We create customised web apps in the Cloud and on your website based on your needs, integrating with your IT structure.
Online and offline tools
  • In order to reach a large customer base, it is often necessary to integrate online tools with offline tools, such as: company catalogues, business cards, packaging and much more.
  • We develop press products able to interface with the web to obtain maximum communication efficiency in business-commercial projects.
Social Media Starters and Feeds
  • Today the use of social networks is essential for expanding our communication with customers and potential customers.
  • Having a website without at least one appropriate and limiting social channel while having one or more social channels without having a website gives your company a terrible image.
  • Together we will examine which is the most suitable social network for your professional needs and we will train you on how to best use it alongside your website.

Analysis and Marketing

Nowadays, speed is increasingly essential. Even on the web, having a beautiful but extremely slow website is a negative factor.

We can instead examine the “bottlenecks” and improve the performance of your website to make it always fast and responsive. This factor will give a browsing experience on your pages, visitors to stay to consult them and return at other times.

In addition, we will study the best solution to give your customers the opportunity to access the web through your connection. In this way, you will obtain data to create your marketing campaigns, to increase the number of fans on your social media pages and you will retain customers, who will be encouraged to return for the service offered.

Training and Outsourcing

Personnel training
  • We train teachers or conduct courses for in-house staff.
  • If they have basic certified knowledge, we develop specialisation courses for the maintenance and/or updating of software or mobile applications.
  • Our courses can be held at your company offices if they are equipped with suitable equipment, or at our headquarters. We develop personalised training courses able to respond to every need.
Outsourcing services
  • If it is not possible to train in-house personnel due to lack of time or other impediments, we outsource our qualified personnel to software houses and/or start-ups that need momentary or continuous resources for the creation of custom software.
  • We provide support for web product development and design using languages such as Php, JQuery and .net, customer product development and design through c# and Delphi and relational database development and design such as Oracle, SqlServer, MySql.
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32BIT S.r.l.
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45030 Santa Maria Maddalena
Occhiobello (RO)

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    SEDEDove nascono le idee
    32BIT S.r.l.
    Via Eridania, 151
    45030 Santa Maria Maddalena
    Occhiobello (RO)

    P.I. : 01624050298
    Capitale sociale 10.000 (i.v.)

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